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Where to buy ProArgi 9 Plus, why not from Amazon, eBay ect?

It's much better to buy products from authorized distributors. You can also buy products in UK directly from this website under the sponsorship of an authorized distributor.

Recently, many sellers are using sites like Amazon, eBay or other auction/shopping sites as platforms to sell Synergy's supplements. There are four main reasons why not to buy from such sites:

Reason #1

Buying directly from Synergy ensures that products are fresh, have a shelf life of at least 15 months, have been stored and transported under appropriate conditions and their packaging are intact!

Reason #2

In its Policies and Procedures document, Synergy clearly states that "Team Members may not sell our products on eBay, Amazon, or any other Internet auction/shopping site".

Team members (authorized distributors) selling products on such platforms are not compliant with these policies and procedures. Team members participating in such activities are subject to disciplinary measures from Synergy.

It also happens that eBay or Amazon sellers can't document the origin of products!

Reason #3

Our company operates a strong quality assurance policy. The company guarantees the potency, the purity and safety of each product it manufactures and sells directly to customers or through authorized distributors. On top of this guarantee, Synergy also offers a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee on initial product orders. All subsequent orders are also protected. A 100% money-back return is offered if the products have not been opened, used or damaged.

Purchasing directly from Synergy prevents a lot of headaches to customers. Especially when comes time to request refunds.

Reason #4

The cost of one box on Amazon or eBay is usually less than the cost of the same unit sold on Synergy's or this website. This is a huge incentive for customers looking for a better deal. However, they are not aware that Synergy offers wholesale prices. The wholesale prices often beat the offering on Amazon or eBay, especially in packs of several boxes. See here.


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