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Synergy's premiere health enhancement product ProArgi-9+ is manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment after it's tested hundreds of times. Each batch is tested for contaminants down to the parts per trillion.

One of the primary ingredients in ProArgi 9 Plus is L-arginine, which was researched by three American scientists who were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998 for discovering its powerful health benefits. Proargi-9+ contains also vitamins B, C, D, K and L-citrulline.

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  • ProArgi 9 Plus contains the optimal dose of l-arginine - 5000 mg
  • Contains natural l-arginine and l-citrulline
  • Contains vitamin C which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous and immune systems
  • Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) which contributes to normal bones and blood coagulation
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 (cyanocobalamin) for normal red blood cell formation and homocysteine metabolism
  • Vitamin D3 which is necessary for proper management of calcium
  • Contains grape skin extract and red grape extract - source of antioxidants, anthocyanins, polyphenols and resveratrol, which reduce LDL oxidation.
  • Vitamin B9 (folic acid) regulates function of cells; a positive effect on the nervous system and brain.
  • Unique formula, the synergistic effect of all components
  • They entered the US pharmacopoeia PDR 2014 - 2021
  • Flavored for a refreshing, citrus taste
  • Each batch is tested more than 250 times for potency and purity

Note: Table of ingredients does not include many minerals and vitamins, which are a component of fruit extracts included in the ProArgi-9+. Contains no preservatives. Without calories - sweetened with stevia.


Mix 1 serving (1 packet) in 240 ml of water. Stir or shake to dissolve. Drink best in the morning, half an hour before a meal or in the evening, two hours after dinner. Suggested serving size is 1 packet per day. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from small childern.


As with any nutritional product, consult your doctor before use, especially if pregnant, lactating, have a known medical condition of any kind, or are taking any form of medication or food supplement. This product should not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

ProArgi 9+ is not a drug but a dietary supplement. So you can not speak here of the effects of overdose or side effects. Consuming too much can cause an effect similar to overeating. Some individuals may experience loose stool or diarrhea. There are also, although rarely, allergic to any of the ingredients. If in doubt, consult a doctor or nutritionist.


Mistify is a liquid food supplement, which contains vitamin B6, Açai Berry, and Green Tea extract. This extraordinary supplement is rich in flavor and incorporates a delicious blend of fruit and berry extracts and concentrates, including; grape, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, bilberry, and pomegranate.

Vitamin B6, found in Mistify, has been shown to contribute to:

  • Normal psychological function
  • Normal red blood cell formation
  • Normal homocysteine metabolism

Experience the benefits of Mistify by taking 30 ml once or twice daily.  Buy it now!

Net volume: 730 ml

e9 Energy

Synergy's e9 energy formula combines the power of l-arginine with high-quality ingredients to provide you with the stamina required to meet life's demands. Today, there are dozens of quick fixes for low energy, but with e9's unique blend of vitamins and natural caffeine sources, you can trust that you are taking a product that supports your healthy lifestyle. No matter what time of day it is, if you are fighting to focus, stay alert and stay energized, mix up a serving of e9 and enjoy its refreshing, Pina Colada flavor.

e9 Energy can be taken at any time during the day, simply mix one packet with 240 ml water and stir until dissolved.

Net weight: 243 g, 30 packets


Sourced from mulberry leaves and alfalfa, Synergy's PhytoLife is a rich combination of chlorophyllin (sodium copper chlorophyllin) and peppermint oil.

With quality in every drop, the peppermint oil found in PhytoLife contributes to normal digestive function and helps turn ordinary water into a great tasting drink that you can enjoy throughout the day. This, along with the fresh taste and liquid form, makes PhytoLife a great companion to your food supplement regime.

Incorporate Synergy's PhytoLife into your diet by mixing one teaspoon (5ml) with a glass of water, twice daily.  Buy it now!

Net volume: 730 ml

Microbiome Purify Kit - New!



The Product Advantage

Synergy's products are the highest-quality supplements in the world—and they're ready to prove it. They believe that natural supplement makers should be focused on just one thing: YOUR HEALTH. From start to finish, Synergy WorldWide controls all its own product development, manufacturing and testing.

  • Synergy's R&D staff consists of Ph.D.'s, biologists, chemists, and research scientists with decades of individual experience working with nutritional supplements.
  • They follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure consistency and accuracy in all processes.
  • The company invests millions of dollars each year into research and world-class quality testing to ensure the purity and effectiveness of Synergy products.
  • All ingredients are sourced by the company themselves and they thoroughly test every incoming batch to confirm its purity, quality, and potency.nsf
  • Synergy is certified by NSF, a third-party auditor that examines production equipment, policies, procedures, and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest level of quality.

At Synergy WorldWide, you'll find an absolute refusal to leave the quality of the products in the hands of someone else. They make sure it's done right—because when it comes to your health, nothing else will do.

Synergy Cosmetics


Intrinsic Youth Technology is more than a single ingredient, or even a single product. It encompasses a holistic approach to healthy, vibrant skin from its surface to its foundation. Intrinsic Youth Technology works to purify, fortify and protect the skin-each step supporting and encouraging your skin's natural processes.

Trulum's Intrinsic Youth Technology combats the visible signs of aging at a foundational level to promote a more vibrant, youthful look. Its unique blend of natural plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes and advanced probiotic technology work to protect the skin and program it to look and act healthier.

Cleansing Gel, Hydrating Toner, Brightening Serum, Moisturizer, Youth Serum, Eye Cream, Intrinsic Complex.


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ProArgi-9+ Story

ProArgi-9 is the patented L-arginine formula developed by Dr. Ann de Wees Allen. Dr. Allen is one of the world's most recognized researchers on the amino acid L-arginine. ProArgi-9 provides a safe and delicious way to incorporate five elemental grams of L-arginine into our daily health-supplementation routine.

Arginine research has caught the attention of the Nobel Prize committee, and L-arginine has been called "the magic bullet" for cardiovascular health by Columbia University. Scientific studies on L-arginine have found cardiovascular benefits, weight-loss benefits, and other anti-aging properties.

The L-arginine patent, which is the foundation of the ProArgi-9 formula, is Dr. Allen's brainchild. After 20 years of research on L-arginine, it was assumed that Dr. Allen would license her patent to a large pharmaceutical company. Corporate and pharmaceutical negotiations for the rights to the patent came to an abrupt halt when the decision was announced that Synergy WorldWide had been granted the rights to the L-arginine patent.


L-arginine - the most important component ProArgi-9 Plus - is essential for the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. Nitric oxide is an important factor in the regulation of blood pressure.

l-arginine L-arginine is also involved in many other important biochemical processes. None of this amino acid can seriously disrupt. Another important element of this process is the l-citrulline, which raises the level of l-arginine in the blood and prolongs its effect. ProArgi contains the appropriate dose of l-citrulline.

L-arginine occurs naturally in the human body. It is an amino acid endogenous therefore one that can be produced by the body from other compounds.

Theoretically, the body does not need a supply of this amino acid from the food. Unfortunately, as research has shown, with age the ability to synthesize arginine in the human body begins to decrease.

Arginine deficiency and lead to an imbalance inside the body. Proper supplementation restores the appropriate level of the amino acid, which is important because of its vital functions.

In human research, L-arginine administration has been effective at: Preventing reduced aortic reflection times, reducing LDL-C oxidizability, increasing cardiac output, reducing overall heart rate, reducing platelet aggregation, decreasing systemic vascular resistance, preventing thickening of aortic intimal, increasing monocytic adhesion and improving stroke volume.

Proargi contains natural l-arginine in free form (not HCL), produced in the process of carbohydrate fermentation.

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